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In Loving Memory of Nicholas Negron

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  In January 2019, Nicholas Anthony Negron tragically passed away from suicide at 20 years old. He was a son, brother and friend to many and for those that were lucky enough to have met Nicholas they would describe him by his unmatched likability. 

    Ninja Nick, Not Slick Nick and Rising LegendzZ were nicknames that Nicholas was referred to by his closest friends. Two of which came from Nicholas’s extraordinary agile ability, which was best put on display when he helped lead his high school varsity soccer team to win the 2016 North Group 1 State Sectional Final.

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   Off the field, Nicholas was known for his compassion and dependability within his local community. In his four years as an active lifeguard at the local town pool, Nicholas saved the lives of two children from drowning. For his acts of heroism, Nicholas was awarded a Certificate of Recognition by his hometown Waldwick, New Jersey for his contributions to the community. 


   When Nicholas wasn't lifeguarding, he would spend his time with his family and friends doing what he loved most. Nicholas would annually attend paintball trips with his father and brother as well as ski every winter with his friends. From the annual family vacations to Long Beach Island and exploring Lake George with his closest friends, Nicholas always enjoyed spending time with those who loved him.



battle against mental illness we have chosen our foundations colors to represent purple and green. Purple was Nicholas's favorite color and green is the official color of mental health awareness. By sharing Nicholas’s story we aim to spread the importance of mental health and to end the stigma around struggling with mental illness once and for all.

  Our mission is to bring the same smiles that Nicholas brought to all of his loved ones to those struggling with their own mental health. In honor of Nicholas and those who have fought and continue to fight the

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